In 28 days you can feel better, be fitter and
become a quitter.

Kicking the habit is single best thing you can do for your health. We don’t need to bore you with all the facts, we all know it’s bad for us. So instead of bombarding you with doom and gloom, we at 28 Days focus on benefits of giving up.

We know first hand just how addictive it is and that’s why we set up the challenge, to give people the chance to experience just how awesome life can be smokefree.

You’ll feel better, you’ll be fitter and you’ll want to become a lifetime quitter, we guarantee it!




Is it for you?

You want more spending
money in your back pocket!

You want to say au-revoir
to the cigarette stench!

No more dipping out mid-meal
and missing all the banter!

New habits, new hobbies
and a new you!

Watch your skin and hair
become catwalk-worthy!

Health benefits that
are off the chart!

It was a lifesaver

So easy being able to arrange my Quit Coach around my shifts. It was a lifesaver!


changed my life

I took up another challenge to run 5k despite never having run before. I grew to love it!


Felt the benefits

First few days were tough but once I was a week into the challenge I was already feeling the benefits!


feel 10 years younger

I feel 10 years younger. Now, I'm running round the garden with my grandkids feeling proud as punch!


Are you brave enough to take on the 28 days challenge?

Take the challenge