My name is Fionn. I have been working as a Quit Coach for 5 years and have the pleasure of being Team Lead for 28 Days Quitter. I have a passion for supporting people to make healthy changes in their life. Seeing how well people raise to the challenge always makes this an exciting and satisfying thing to be a part of!

Fun Fact - I was on Sky news discussing "Mc-qualifications". Which are the education opportunities given to employees of Mcdonalds. 


Hello…my name is Arjun. I am a Quit Coach here at 28 Days and on the teaching pathway to become a facilitator of the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program. Having experienced the benefits of changing my own long-term habits (smoking being one), it gives me joy to work with people in the process of changing theirs. 

Interesting fact – along with 3 friends created a socially-motivated street-wear label called Dalston Coathanger, which featured in Time Out Magazine and The Guardian. 


I have been working within my current role for the last 11 years, I used the service to give up smoking and the help I received was brilliant. With seeing how the service helped me it gave me a drive to want to do the same for others and there was no better way than to join this awesome team.

Fun Fact I have 6 cats


I'm Trish. I've been helping people to quit smoking since 2008 and training others to do the same since 2014, which some of my friends find hard to fathom since I used to smoke a lot myself. I love working as part of the 28 Days Team as they're a dedicated and flexible bunch; and witnessing smokers, some of whom have immense challenges to face, regain their freedom, their health, and control over their lives is amazing and humbling. 

Fun Fact - I paint portraits and was once asked to paint 5 different portraits of the same person for a spoof documentary.


Hi, my name is Victor and I am a stop smoking advisor for 28 Days Quitter. I enjoy motivating and encouraging people to stop smoking as I once was a smoker myself. I understand the issues associated with trying to quit and subsequent freedom of quitting. The best part is knowing that I have helped someone gain a fresh start. 

Fun fact- I used to be a Table Tennis Champion for the Brunswick Club Youth Division and enter Dance Competitions where I always won!


Hi I’m Sarah and I joined the team at the beginning of this year. I enjoy helping others maximise their health and well-being through quitting smoking. It is rewarding and also nice to get to know a variety of people. The bonus of the job is being part of a great and supportive team! 

Fun fact: I can do 20 football kick-ups. 


Hi I'm Haja and am a stop smoking adviser for 28 Days Quitter. I joined the team 6 months ago. I enjoy working as part of a great and supportive team (28 days family) and never a dull moment. Being in a growing team that support clients to change and improve their lifestyle through stop smoking is so rewarding and great privilege. 

Fun fact: loves fast cars

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