I have noticed massive health improvements since I quit. I feel much better and have more energy for life in general. 

Cosmetically, I look better; my skin is clear and healthy; my teeth are less stained; I've added some much needed weight (I've got my appetite back) but most of all I'm running properly again. I even managed to complete a 50k Ultra Marathon in July! 

Last, but by no means least, I've noticed that my moods are more level and I don't get as stressed by minor things - I've put this down to the fact that nicotine isn't getting me angry in order to calm me down with a smoke. 


What I found most helpful about the telephone approach of the 28 Day Challenge is that it took so little time. A set appointment was made at each step of the call and the team would always call me to the exact minute I was expecting the call. Just that fact that someone was bothering to call and see how I was doing was an encouragement. The Quit Coach supplied a supportive environment which made me feel like I was achieving something great.

The health benefits were amazing. Within two weeks I had lost the cough and the wheezing. My teeth were no longer stained by nicotine and after 6 weeks the gum disease I had from long term smoking had greatly reduced. I am coming to the end of my challenge and I’m so grateful of the support. I would highly recommend signing up. Thank you so much to the quit coaches for helping me in such a supportive and professional way.


Despite being a local councillor focusing on the health of her constituents, Alison had been a lifetime smoker with a 20 a day habit. Alison was introduced to the 28 Day Challenge and signed up on the spot. 

Cigarettes had become her stress buster after busy meetings and at the end of the day. Alison had a two week holiday to Greece booked during the middle of her challenge. During week two of her holiday, Alison was a little complacent and had one cigarette. She said:“In that moment I was tired, ratty and I just wanted a cigarette. I couldn’t see the benefit in not smoking which is ridiculous now”.

But, Alison quickly got back onto her challenge after regretting the slip and admitting she hadn’t even enjoyed her cheeky fag. The 28 days quickly passed and despite some difficult days, Alison is committed to living life as a non smoker in future and embracing all the benefits like the £280 extra she now has in her back pocket each month. “I’ve learnt a lot about myself, its really increased my self esteem and it’s made me think about some of my other habits like drinking lots and lots of energy drinks. If you’re thinking about doing it, do it! It really does work so get in touch with these guys today”.


I’ve smoked on and off for 20 years smoking up to twenty cigarettes a day. It was costing me up to £84 a week which is a crazy amount of money just to forward your own journey towards death.

I got fed up of the coughing and the ever-increasing colds that were becoming more and more frequent. I didn’t feel great and after getting to the age of 44 I decided enough was enough. I saw a poster for the 28 Day Challenge in my doctor’s surgery and thought it presented a gateway to quitting, rather than the previous attempts I’d made where I always threw in the towel after a short period. For me there where two triggers in my smoking: Boredom and job-related stress.

I had my first call with the Quit Coach team and I can honestly say it was the least judgemental most engaging of process. The calls with the Quit Coaches quickly became a checkpoint where I could reflect and acknowledge on a few more days of being smokefree. 

Since quitting, I’ve felt so many benefits. My sense of taste and smell have vastly improved. l’m so much warmer not standing in the cold and no longer self-conscious about having to ‘sneak off for a cheeky fag’! which I used to do with new work colleagues.

Would I recommend the 28 Day Challenge? I certainly would!! It’s worked for me. It’s supportive without being intrusive and all the quit coaches are friendly and professional. I’m so glad it’s one of the few posters I’ve ever really read on the few occasions I’ve been to the doctor’s surgery. Thanks for all your help and support.

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