What is 28 Days Quitter and How can it help You?


September 30, 2020

Simply put, 28 Days Quitter are a team of Quit Coaches who are dedicated to guiding you through this challenging journey of quitting smoking and becoming a non-smoker. The name comes from research conducted by European Respiratory Review in 2008,which found that if a person can quit smoking for 28 Days then they are 5 times more likely to quit for good. Additionally, this research supports the Stoptober campaign the nation is set to embark on – encouraging people to quit for the month, with the increased likelihood of quitting for good.


The organisation was founded in the digital age, so really takes into account modern day working patterns with clinics being delivered late nights and Saturdays. All consultations are conveniently carried out over the phone with a number of digital tools to offer further support and make sense of some of the more confusing parts of the journey to being smoke free.


In your first consultation you can expect your Quit Coach to listen carefully to past experiences of quitting (if you have any), and explore your triggers (the situations which prompt you to smoke, or smoke more than usual) to help make sense of them and their impacts on your attempts to change. It’s likely you will have your motivations for quitting smoking, and vocalising these to your Quit Coach can help to really establish them at the forefront of your thinking. Additionally, this a great opportunity to explore the things you value the most, your values are intrinsically linked to the motivations for quitting. It is fair to say anyone can force themselves to not smoke for a short period (on an aeroplane or long car journey for example) however, sustaining this requires a meaningful reason to do so.


Once we’ve come to a good understanding of the relationship you have with smoking, the Quit Coach can provide information and offer advice on medication (pill form& Nicotine Replacement Therapy), to determine which may be the best route to take on this quit attempt. Some prefer to go ‘cold turkey’ but it’s important to know that whilst this may work for some, equally it may not for others.


There will be a Challenge Guide provided with useful tips and case-studies from people who’ve gone through the process (you’ll be surprised to find many similarities with others), an invitation to our Facebook Forum so you can connect with others who’ve committed to quitting, a link to our instant chat function –which can be a useful back up if things get too challenging at odd times of the day. And you’ll have access to the new virtual gym, The Other Room – which is a great tool for physical well-being, did you know exercise is a great way to meet and manage withdrawal symptoms?


Setting a Quit Date is a very important part of quitting. It can be a nerve-racking thing to comprehend – but with 28 Days Quitter you’ll have a call scheduled for your quit date to ease the pressure. Reflecting on how your quit day went or discussing how to prepare for the day with your Quit Coach can ease this pressure. But don’t worry, this is not where we leave you! There will be weekly catch-ups following the quit date, where you can share how the week has been,updates on your progress or any challenges you may have faced, after all, it’s good to talk….so, are you ready to take the challenge?


Give us a call (03301 244 648) or visit our website www.28days.org.uk – whether for you or on behalf of your employees. There really never has been a better time to quit.