Lights, Camera…Action!


September 22, 2021

So you’ve committed to taking decisive action in the process of quitting the cigarettes - this is a massive moment and should be acknowledged. Often, when taking on a major lifestyle change, we don’t actually give ourselves credit for getting this far – think of how comfortable it would be to simply stay as you are!? Momentum can build now you’ve said yes…

Whether you’ve registered for behaviour support with a specialist stop smoking service or going it solo with a mobile app, it’s a great time to reinforce your motivations for wanting to quit in the first place. In fact, periodically reviewing your motivations moving forwards can help keep us on track, for example, if saving money is the main reason, why not keep a tab of just how much cash you’re saving per week and reward yourself with the savings after a month? Or if health is the primary motive, there some cool apps which can show you the health progress with each day that goes by (check out a few here: via@Healthline - Quit Smoking Apps).

Rewarding ourselves for the progress that we make along the way is important in training the brain to build, and eventually crave, new healthier habits in place of the nicotine.

It may be quite likely that you know of an ex-smoker, perhaps friends, family or colleagues have come through the journey of quitting the cigarettes, probably with the scars to prove it! Speak to them and share what you’re up to, creating a little social network of support can be useful for physical reasons - having your back when you’re out and faced with a potential trigger or emotional reasons- someone to just chat with when you’re feeling the strains of withdrawal.

If this rings a bell for you and where you are on the quit journey, these short videos may be just the ticket: Behaviour Change |Action


Stoptober is coming up – what a great time to get going. We’d welcome you to get in touch if you'd like to set up a call with one of the Quit Coaches here to discuss how we can together create a plan of action