4 Steps to Break a Bad Habit


May 5, 2021

Whether your habit is checking Facebook while eating dinner with your family, smoking cigarettes or texting when driving - we tend to eventually recognise when these habits are taking over or having a detrimental affect on our lives. We may have even tried many different methods and techniques to break the habit...and that's quite natural in the process of overcoming deeply rooted behaviours that we have reinforced over a long time - actually it shows our commitment to making a positive change for ourselves.

You may have heard of the term 'mindfulness' too, whether as a tool for general mental and physical well-being or even as a support to quitting smoking or other habits. Mindfulness simply means paying attention to your inner and outer experience with intention, and without judging (as best you can) whatever you notice. There have been lots of scientific studies into how mindfulness can reduce stress, improve attention and quieten an active mind - all things that come up when considering our smoking habit. And best of all, it doesn't require anything but yourself and some willingness to try...

Take a look at this short video from Neuroscientist and Mindfulness professor, Dr. Judson Brewer, describe 4 steps we can take to break a habit by paying attention to ourselves: